Every year since 2010, NGA gathers the opinion of HR experts to reflect on the past year and predict HR trends for the coming year. NGA's HR Trends have been quoted in media around the world. 

HR Technology Focus in 2015

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How HR Technology Can Unlock Better Benefits












"More than a quarter of respondents (28.5 percent) said that the recession has caused them to stay in their job longer than they might have liked."
























"For some of us, attending a child’s first day of school may be more important than taking off a holiday like President’s Day.


























"There are no easy solutions to bolstering benefits packages. "

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2012 HR predictions: Looking through the Crystal Ball

HR Trends



"It is our belief that the most successful businesses in 2012 will be those where HRDs have the relationships needed to work closely with the CEOs and CFOs and take a holistic view about what their most talented employees need in order to succeed."

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What 2013 will Bring for HR: NGA's Outlook

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"The challenge in 2013 is to ensure they move with the times, getting the most out of new and innovative HR tools and technologies"






























"Workers are accustomed to using consumer web technologies and tools and expect a similar ‘consumer like’ experience in the workplace."












































"As these new champions globalise, they will have to pay close attention to the ‘people’ aspect of their global aspirations, ranging from employer brand to global payroll regulation."

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